Vertech apply Advanced-RDVI as an integrated solution with a focus on pre-planning and specialist execution packages to deliver high levels of data & results that can not only be used for pressure equipment sign off, but also for post inspection analysis, risk reviews and process operational requirements.

The Vertech Advanced-RDVI team has over 60 years of RDVI experience, gathered from a variety of industries including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy and Power Generation from all across the globe. This ensures that our clients have the right people, systems, equipment and support to meet all their needs.

This complete service ensures our client's inspections are completed with the highest level of integrity and are repeatable for future comparative purposes. Vertech technicians bring a wealth of experience to the table that helps get first class results efficiently without compromising data reliability.

RDVI Specialised Engineering Services

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Our RDVI team collaborate with our clients during the FEED and planning phase of a project to define critical assets areas where RDVI can be applied, what will be required to access these areas and the likely degradation mechanism.

RDVI integration in the Pre-FEED and FEED stages of the project maximises RDVI capabilities and results in the most significant savings, exceptional inspection coverage, a reduction in turnaround timeframes and fewer resource requirements. This process also dramatically reduces the possibility of substantial changes being required during the execution phase.

  • Leak point reduction
  • Significant reduction of inspection timeframes
  • Historical RDVI data application
  • Significant reduction in inspection activities
  • Online Inspections
  • Significant reduction in resources required
  • Dedicated inspection access
  • Simulated inspection and planning
  • Integration with dedicated NII processes
  • Remote NDT applications

Operational Planning & Review

Vertech's Facility Review & Planning service provides clients with focused campaign planning for the internal inspection requirements of pressure equipment. Our processes ensure that the correct inspection equipment, support tooling and techniques are applied in a timely and efficient manner.

We have taken full advantage of our team's extensive campaign & project experience to create a specialised array of procedures and methods to help reduce execution windows, bringing assets back online faster.

  • Leak point reduction.
  • Identification of high risk locations
  • Reduction in resources required
  • Reduction of inspection timeframes
  • Intergration with NDT methods
  • focused inspection point targeting
  • Reduction in inspection timeframes
  • Simulated inspections
  • RDVI specific work pack generation

RDVI Specialised Site Execution Services

Onsite Execution Services

Vertech's Campaign Execution Team provides complete end-to-end assistance with campaigns, projects and turnarounds. Our RDVI technicians have a wide variety of inspection experience and are specifically trained across the full suite of RDVI technologies, allowing them to assess each situation and apply the correct tooling on a case by case basis.

What sets Vertech's RDVI Team apart is that our experts understand the needs of a variety of stakeholder groups, from onsite personnel to upper management. Our team works with each group every step of the way to help them understand and interpret the relevant data, results & information.

  • Full turn-key solution
  • Vertech owned & proprietary equipment
  • Highly mobile and adaptable teams
  • Multi-skilled and disciplined technicians
  • Highly experience and trained technicians
  • Systematic inspection processes
  • Integrates with all stakeholders onsite
  • 2D Image analysis specialists



Vertech employs a suite of off the shelf and custom-built tooling systems to remove items of foreign debris found during an inspection without the need for costly CSE and to ensure the ongoing integrity of the client's plant and process.


Vertech's In-Field Inspection execution team works alongside statutory and class societies to assess and record the condition of an asset without the need for CSE. Our technicians have an extensive track record in this area and can draw on their experience to complete inspections efficiently, even when there is limited inspection data available.


The RDVI Conditional Monitoring package assists our clients to monitor specific degradation issues. Using specialised tooling and procedures that are developed in-house, we can ensure that the target areas are assessed in the same way each time, in the most efficient manner possible. These inspection results can then be collated, compared and evaluated by our analysis experts to ensure reproducibility.


Vertech has developed dedicated and specialised procedures, equipment and tooling that is designed to inspect pressure equipment and piping systems. By using RDVI, these hydrocarbon enriched atmospheres do not have to be purged, saving our clients time and money.


Our QA/QC RDVI package builds upon the best practice principles of conventional QA/QC inspections, using RDVI technology to identify items of pressure equipment that have been constructed out of specification, with any damage or with anomalies.


Vertech engineers will work with our clients to evaluate key areas of a plants processes and identify potential issues & points of failure. Our team has the knowledge to identify the key indicators when critical areas of the plant process is upset.