Three workers in safety harnesses are performing maintenance on the arch of a large steel truss bridge. The bridge spans over lush greenery, and the workers, visible in their bright orange gear, are suspended on ropes as they work on the intricate metal structure.


The dynamic range of services and innovative approach to project delivery through Vertech NZ and sister company Abseil Access enables us to service the infrastructure sector effectively and efficiently. Vertech’s multi-disciplined technicians and highly mobile teams mean we can deliver time and cost savings to our clients, while maintaining an excellent HSEQ record and management system.

Vertech offer a unique combination of specialised access, maintenance and inspection capabilities to deliver increased efficiency and reduced costs for our client’s projects. Typically, we deliver time and cost savings of between 40 and 80% compared to traditional contracting strategies and access systems.

Vertech NZ and Abseil Access have a combined background of delivering projects on jetties, bridges, ports and other infrastructure. Our specialist packages have driven significant productivity, safety and cost benefits underpinned by our passionate people across the country.


Two technicians in safety harnesses and yellow helmets perform maintenance work on the underside of a concrete jetty. The view beneath the jetty shows them standing on webdecking, suspended above calm green waters, with multiple columns supporting the structure. Each column is marked with numbers for identification.
  • Bridge, Jetty & Platform Underdeck Access Package
  • Restoration & Remediation Package (VRRP)
  • Working at Height Emergency Response Team (VERT)
  • Non-Destructive Testing Packages (VDNT)
  • Rope Access Geotechnical Package
  • Liner Plate Replacement Package
  • Bridge & Structural Inspection & Maintenance
  • Geotechnical Slope Stabilisation
  • Geotechnical Drilling, Anchoring & Meshing


Two workers in orange high-visibility jackets with the Vertech Group logo on the back are standing near a coastal jetty. One is facing away, wearing a white safety helmet and conversing with another worker, gesturing with his hands. In the background, a long industrial jetty extends over calm sea waters, supported by large concrete pillars.
  • Concrete inspection & maintenance
  • Coating inspection (NACE & ACA accredited)
  • Painting & blasting
  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (Robotic RDVI)
  • Full range of conventional & advanced NDT (NATA accredited)
  • Mini-ROV inspection, repair and maintenance
Two workers in orange safety gear, including helmets and harnesses, repelling down an industrial-facing surface. The worker on the right is actively cutting metal with a torch, creating a bright spray of sparks. Both are attached to safety lines, ensuring their security during the operation.
Our specialist Infrastructure maintenance services include:
  • Project management and implementation
  • Confined space entry management & rescue
  • Specialist access and rope access services
  • Technical rigging and lift plans
  • Cutting, welding and steel renewals
  • Pipefitting
  • Mechanical and hydraulic fitting
  • Electrical & hazardous areas inspection