A technician in orange workwear and a white helmet gives a thumbs-up while suspended over vibrant blue ocean waters. Next to him, a humpback whale breaches the surface, creating a dramatic splash. This unique and joyful moment highlights the intersection of industrial work and marine wildlife observation.


A website can only tell you so much and we are firm believers that having a chat either face to face or on the phone will always provide you a better sense of who we are and how we can help you. Reach out to our team at one of the following locations.


Vertech – East Coast Head Office

Vertech East Coast Office
07 3361 0600
12/37 McDonald Road,
Windsor, Brisbane, Queensland, 4030, Australia

Victoria (APS Industrial Services)

Nick McRae - Managing Director
25 Tullamarine Road,
Tullamarine, Melbourne, VIC, 3043, Australia