A close-up image of a robotic arm performing precision work on a large metal pipe. The arm, equipped with various mechanical components and cables, applies a probe to the surface of the pipe in a workshop environment. The background is slightly blurred, focusing on the detailed interaction between the robot and the pipe.


Vertech and our people are extremely proud to provide support and expertise to the New Zealand defence force (NZDF) and its tier one contractors through the full spectrum of their asset’s lifecycles.

Drawing on our local and regional workforces combined with our strategically located facilities we are uniquely positioned to offer our expertise across an array of services specialisations with a strong value proposition in naval infrastructure in the construction, commissioning, modernisation and the active service phases.

We are passionate about supporting our servicemen and women by providing a best in class, client focused service to ensure that they have the right equipment, in the right condition at the right time.


A technician in orange safety gear overlooks remote-operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) on a sunlit deck. The technician's back faces the camera, showing the logo of GEO Oceans, and is surrounded by various high-tech equipment and instrumentation used for marine exploration and monitoring.
Our defence packages include:
  • Confined Space Entry Management & Emergency Response (SAFE-SPACE)
  • Class Accredited Hull Inspection Package (manned & unmanned) (V-CLASS)
  • Diverless in Water Inspection & Maintenance (CSS)
  • Alternative Access Package (VAAP)
  • DPS Package – corrosion mapping of pressure systems and methods to complete 100% corrosion mapping
  • UAV Package – innovative, fully integrated UAV inspection solutions for topside and marine tank inspections


A rope access technician in orange gear is suspended from a harness while working on the curved underside of a concrete structure. The worker is equipped with various tools and safety equipment, focusing on a task in a challenging industrial environment.
Our defence services include:
  • Pressure system in-service inspection
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
  • Full range of conventional & advanced NDT (NATA accredited)
  • Coating inspection (NACE and ACA accredited)
  • Lifting equipment inspection and recertification (LEEA accredited)
  • Crane structural inspections
  • Dropped objects survey (DROPS accredited)
  • Marine class and structural inspection