A technician, fully clad in protective white gear, including a helmet, is suspended inside a large, dark cylindrical structure. The individual is attached to safety ropes and appears to be descending or performing a task within this industrial environment. The structure's walls have a metallic sheen, reflecting the light from the technician's headlamp, which casts bright spots and shadows around them.

Dairy Plant Inspection

Vertech New Zealand takes immense pride in our extensive experience and proficiency in providing top-notch inspection and testing services to the dairy industry in New Zealand. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to product quality and safety has made us a trusted partner for numerous dairy-related businesses nationwide.

Vertech New Zealand is committed to the growth and success of the New Zealand dairy sector. We recognise that dairy plays a pivotal role in the country’s economy and are dedicated to ensuring its success. Our commitment to quality, safety, and regulatory compliance is unwavering.


Overhead view of a technician wearing safety gear while descending inside a large, cylindrical structure using rope access techniques. The technician, illuminated by strong overhead lighting, is in a harness connected to multiple safety ropes, carefully navigating the confined space. The interior walls of the structure show signs of corrosion and wear.

Whether you are a dairy farmer, processor, or distributor, Vertech New Zealand is your trusted partner for inspection and testing services. We provide the assurance you need to deliver safe, high-quality dairy products to consumers while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Contact us today to discover how Vertech New Zealand can support your business in the dairy industry through our expertise in visual inspection, NDT, rope access, drone inspection, and RDVI inspection. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your needs and develop a tailored plan to ensure your success in this essential sector.

A dramatic, dimly lit interior of a large metal silo is seen from a high angle. Two technicians in orange overalls and safety gear are suspended by ropes, performing inspection or maintenance work. The lighting casts stark reflections and shadows on the curved walls of the silo, emphasising the industrial setting and the height at which the technicians are working.
Visual Inspection
A remote digital visual inspection (RDVI) crawler with dual camera systems positioned inside a dark, curved metal structure. The crawler is equipped with various sensors and illuminated by its lights, highlighting its intricate details and the reflective inner surface of the structure. A winding cable extends from the crawler, emphasising its operational readiness and technological capability in tight, confined spaces.
Robotic & remote digital visual Inspection (RDVI)
Close-up view of minor pitting on a dark metallic pipe, showing small, rounded indentations on its surface. The background is softly blurred with warm orange tones, accentuating the texture and the subtle imperfections of the pipe.
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Two technicians conduct maintenance inside a large cylindrical tank suspended by safety harnesses. They are silhouetted against a single light source above, which casts long shadows and highlights the smooth metallic interior of the tank. The image captures a dramatic and precise moment of industrial work in a confined space, emphasising the scale and depth of the tank.
Rope Access
Close-up image of a spherical drone emitting green light on a shiny surface. The drone's structure has a black geometric frame housing mechanical components and bright green LED lights. This setting creates a dramatic contrast with the dark background and emphasises the technological design and aesthetic of the drone.
Drone Inspection
A worker in a vivid orange protective suit and headlamp operates a MEC floor scanner in a dimly lit, expansive industrial area. The worker is focused on maneuvering the compact, wheeled device designed to scan and evaluate the condition of the floor surface. The background is dark, highlighting the illumination from the worker's headlamp and the light on the scanner itself, underscoring the precision required for this task.
Tailored Solutions

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