Upstream drilling jack up rig.

Upstream Drilling

Vertech has a wealth of experience in servicing the upstream drilling market and understand intimately the specific challenges faced in this sector. Our approach is quite simply to ensure minimal impact to drilling operations whilst providing a safe, high-performing and cost-effective service that is compliant with the necessary standards.

Mobilising our experienced workforce from our strategically located facilities across New Zealand we have delivered full UWILDs, comprehensive lifting and drill handling tool management programs, NDT inspections, derrick maintenance and repairs, Top Drive System (TDS) inspections and DROPS programs across all asset types.

We understand that drilling campaigns are fast-moving and as a result our clients expect us to react with speed, efficiency and with quality and safety at the forefront of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our ability to do just that for our upstream clients while still providing a best-in-class suite of deliverables.


Upstream drilling load testing.
  • Class Accredited UWILD Package (manned and unmanned)
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Management (LIM)
  • API Crane Inspection Package
  • API Drill Handling Tools Package
  • Dropped Object Survey & Management (V-DROPS)
  • Alternative Access Package (VAAP)
  • Conventional Rope Access & Scaffolding


Upstream drilling lifting gear inspection.
  • Pressure equipment inspection (NATA accredited)
  • Full range of conventional & advanced NDT (NATA Accredited)
  • Drill handling tool inspection
  • Derrick & structural surveys
  • Coating inspection (NACE and ACA accredited)
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (Robotic RDVI)
  • Lifting equipment inspection and recertification (LEEA accredited)
  • DROPS object survey (DROPS accredited)
Upstream drilling class SPS.
Our specialist upstream maintenance services include:
  • Crane structural and mechanical inspections
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Mini-ROV inspection, repair & maintenance
  • Specialist access and rope access services
  • Technical rigging & lift plans
  • Cutting, welding & steel renewals
  • Pipefitting
  • Mechanical and hydraulic fitting
  • Electrical & hazardous areas inspection