Three technicians in orange safety suits stand inside a large cylindrical structure, illuminated by a bright light from above. The structure's walls are dark and glossy, reflecting the ambient light. Pipelines and metal beams are visible in the background, supporting the infrastructure. The ground is wet, reflecting the light and adding a dramatic effect to the industrial scene.


Vertech Group believes in the Servant Leadership movement. Servant leaders share power, listen to others, focus on the needs of the employees, help the team to develop, and perform as highly as possible while building a sense of community and ownership.

We draw our organisation charts upside down to reflect our belief that leadership’s role is to serve the business and to devolve power as close as possible to the frontline and our clients. This means it is crucial that we select the best, retain the best and continuously develop the people who we work with.

If you feel that our approach resonates with you and want to be part of an organisation that boasts the best supervisors, technicians, and tradesmen in the industry, then get in touch with Vertech. We hope to see you very soon.