A panoramic view of an industrial plant in a lush green landscape with Mount Taranaki in the background. The plant features several large buildings and storage tanks, with the nearby town in the middle ground. The iconic snow-capped peak of Mount Taranaki dominates the clear blue sky in the distance, creating a striking contrast between nature and industrial development.

Agriculture & Dairy

Vertech’s industry leading solutions and client-driven approach enables us to successfully deliver capital projects, maintenance and turn arounds in the agriculture sector. We have done this across Australia and New Zealand, while maintaining an outstanding safety record.

Our high-performing teams consistently deliver and redefine industry best practice by drawing on our extensive knowledge of other sectors, our cutting edge technologies and our progressive methods.


By combining these elements, Vertech can maximise productivity and minimise client costs.

Underpinned by passionate people with practical experience in project and program management, we offer a unique combination of specialised access, rope access, maintenance and accredited inspection capabilities.


A rope access technician, clad in bright orange and white gear, conducts testing within a dark industrial shaft. He is attached to safety ropes and is illuminated by a nearby drone's lights, which hover in the background, adding a technical element to the scene. The complex interior features various structural beams and cables, creating a deep perspective.
  • Non-Destructive Testing Package
  • API Storage Tank Inspection
  • Liner Plate Replacement
  • NDT Package
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection Package
  • Restoration & Remediation Package
  • EYE FLY UAV Package
  • Confined Space Entry Package


An RDVI crawler is operational inside a dark, cylindrical structure illuminated by mounted lights. This compact, robotic device, equipped with multiple sensors and cameras, is tethered by various cables, performing detailed inspection tasks on the interior surface, which shows signs of wear and reflective streaks from the crawler's lights.
  • API Pressure system in-service inspection
  • Storage tank inspection to API 653
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
  • Full range of conventional & advanced NDT
  • Coating Inspection (NACE and ACA accredited)
  • Lifting equipment inspection and recertification.
  • Dropped objects survey (DROPS Accredited)
  • UAV internal visual inspections
  • Electrical inspections
Overhead view of a technician wearing safety gear while descending inside a large, cylindrical structure using rope access techniques. The technician, illuminated by strong overhead lighting, is in a harness connected to multiple safety ropes, carefully navigating the confined space. The interior walls of the structure show signs of corrosion and wear.
  • Technical rigging & lift plans
  • Cutting & welding steel renewals
  • Pipefitting
  • Decommissioning/demolition
  • Mechanical and hydraulic fitting
  • Confined space entry and rescue
  • Electrical & hazardous areas inspection

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