Interior view of a ship's curved ceiling structure, showcasing robust, arched steel beams painted in light grey. In the centre, a drone hovers, emitting bright light from its two glowing bulbs and a red indicator light, illuminating the surrounding area. The image captures the engineering detail and the vastness inside the ship, highlighting the innovative use of drones in the construction process.


With a drive to Eliminate exposure to working at height and confined space entries, our fleet of class-accredited UAVs flew in confined spaces along the side shell, jacket and flare structures of FPSOs and fixed assets. Vertech was the first company in the Asia Pacific to achieve the ABS classification society certification for Drone inspections for Marine survey purposes.

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A serene aerial view of the FPSO vessel 'Raroa' positioned in the calm blue ocean under a clear sky. The vessel, painted in black with a red lower hull, features an extensive array of industrial equipment and machinery on its deck, including a tall flare stack actively burning off gas. In the distance, another similar vessel can be seen, highlighting the scale of offshore operations in this region.