A close-up perspective of a smiling rope access technician in an orange suit and blue helmet, securely attached with safety gear atop an extremely high industrial structure. The camera angle captures the technician above, showcasing a vertiginous view of the ground far below, where industrial equipment and vehicles are minuscule. The setting sun casts a warm glow, emphasising the height and risky nature of the work environment.


During an incredibly tight 9-day shutdown window, we were tasked to undertake various maintenance scopes requiring specialised rope access riggers working 24 hours to deliver steelwork remediation and upgrades to a 90m flare tower.

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A group of eight Vertech Group employees stands together in front of an industrial facility, posing for a team photo under a clear sky. Seven team members are dressed in bright orange high-visibility coveralls, while one is wearing a black Vertech T-shirt. They all display a sense of camaraderie, smiling and relaxed, highlighting the unity and professionalism of the team.