An overhead view of technicians working on an offshore oil rig platform above the clear turquoise waters. The workers, dressed in orange safety gear, perform maintenance tasks on the rig's structural pillars. The scene includes various safety signs, bright yellow guardrails, and an array of equipment, highlighting the complexity and stringent safety protocols necessary for such operations.


Rising to the challenge of mandatory full containment for both workers and blasting debris, Vertech worked closely with the client to design and implement a dual-purpose containment system that alleviated the need for standby vessels and ensured no product entered the sea on a fixed gas platform.

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Ropes suspend two technicians in safety gear as they work closely together on the structural components of an offshore oil platform. Positioned directly over the deep blue sea, they focus on equipment attached to one of the platform's large vertical pillars. Their bright orange suits and blue helmets stand out against the vivid colour of the ocean, illustrating the demanding and precise nature of their tasks in such a challenging environment.