A Vertech Group employee stands on a Beach Energy Kupe Plant platform, overlooking the extensive industrial setup. He is dressed in an orange high-visibility jacket with reflective stripes and a blue safety helmet. The background features the coastal landscape near the plant, with a complex network of yellow pipes and large metallic structures visible below.


In November 2023, we at Vertech NZ completed a pivotal project for Beach Energy at the Kupe gas plant, showcasing our expertise in remote visual inspections. Our team efficiently inspected over 60 pieces of pressure equipment, demonstrating our ability to mobilise and deliver comprehensive condition reports quickly. This project reinforced our strong presence in the petrochemical processing sector.

Project Overview

Three Vertech Group employees, dressed in bright orange high-visibility jackets and blue helmets, walk towards an industrial facility with equipment in tow. They are passing a safety sign labelled 'The 3 What's?' outlining life-saving rules at the entrance to the plant. In the background, the expansive industrial complex features various metallic structures and machinery under a clear blue sky.

In November 2023, Vertech NZ completed the Beach Energy turnaround project at the Kupe gas plant in South Taranaki. This project was a part of our ongoing services agreement with Beach Energy, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-tier inspection services in the energy sector. Vertech NZ’s role in this project was crucial, involving comprehensive remote visual inspections of the plant’s equipment, a task that required precision, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the industry’s safety and operational standards.

Services Provided

A Vertech Group technician, clad in an orange high-visibility jacket and blue helmet, operates a specialised inspection device at an industrial site. The technician is focused on examining a large piece of machinery using an Olympus inspection device connected to a laptop displaying the diagnostic data. The background features a complex array of yellow and grey industrial structures under a clear sky.
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspections
  • Comprehensive Condition Reporting
  • Routine Maintenance and Jobbing Inspections
  • Aging Infrastructure Assessment
  • CBIP-Certified Welding Inspection and Procedure Development
  • Third-Party Verification Services
  • Rope Access Solutionsv


Two Vertech Group employees, wearing safety gear and helmets, sit comfortably inside a shaded, makeshift rest area at a construction site. They are dressed in bright orange high-visibility jackets and blue helmets, each marked with their names. The background reveals a partially visible construction setup under bright daylight.

Vertech NZ is poised to become a leader in assessing and ensuring the safe operation of aging infrastructure in New Zealand and the wider Pacific/Australasian region. With our expanding capabilities and the support of the Vertech Group Australian RVI team, AUAV, and Sonomatic resources, we are excited about the prospects and growth of our services. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation positions us as a key partner for industries requiring high-quality inspection and engineering services.

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