Interior view of a large ship under construction, showcasing a spacious and intricately designed compartment. The ceiling features a grid of blue panels, while scaffolding and ladders are positioned along the walls, indicating ongoing work. In the distance, three workers can be seen standing on a raised platform, illuminated by the overhead lights, providing a sense of scale and highlighting the complexity of the shipbuilding process.


Using an engineered decking system to access the roof space of a ballast tank provided a cost-efficient solution allowing multiple work fronts and 3rd party contractors to undertake repair and maintenance scopes quickly and with a smaller footprint and vastly lower tonnage quantities than conventional scaffold. The system allowed the facility to continue to ballast in the tank.

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A panoramic and surreal view inside a ship's hull under construction, captured using a fisheye lens. The image features a kaleidoscopic effect with multiple mirrored and curved photos of the ship's interior. Steel beams painted blue and yellow create an intricate geometric pattern across the ceiling, while scaffolding and construction equipment are visible at various levels. A single technician in an orange suit is prominently positioned in the frame, accentuating the scale and complexity of the shipbuilding process.