Specialist access systems offshore netting.

Specialist Access Systems

Vertech and Abseil Access our sister company have been pioneers of Industrial rope access services and specialist access in New Zealand. We were responsible for importing the first engineered decking systems to the Asia Pacific and designed and installed the first engineered safety netting and tension netting systems in the region.

We are proud to say that we have been and continue to be at the forefront of driving positive change and driving access innovation which has reset industry norms.

Being a holistic access provider, we are recognised industry wide for providing the right access systems for each application and our vision is to educate people of the positives and negatives of each system to drive safety, cost and time efficiency across our industry.

Specialist Access Services

Specialist access systems IRATA rope access.
IRATA Rope Access
Specialist access systems engineered decking.
Engineered Decking
Specialist access systems v deck.
Specialist access systems tension netting.
Tension Netting
Specialist access systems custom platforms.
Custom Access Platforms
Specialist access systems fall arrest safety netting.
Fall Arrest Netting