Vertech believes the key to effective project and program management is early stakeholder engagement, understanding our client’s principle drivers, effective planning, staff selection and maintaining strong communication the entire project or program lifecycle.

Our Operations Team work through all scope and quality requirements, time horizons and cost boundaries with the client to define a project charter. We then enter a detailed planning phase that implements everything needed to meet the specific demands of the project.

While our team have a suite of custom software systems, mature processes and procedures, and a wealth of experience, all of this is irrelevant without the right leadership and people for the job. Vertech understands the importance of our people and takes care to utilise the unique skill sets, drivers and individual experience of our staff, to promote a culture of ‘Servant Leadership’. Servant leaders share power, listen to others, focus on client and staff needs, and help others to develop and perform as highly as possible while building a sense of community. By implementing this model, we can multiply our leadership capability and increase human potential to better serve our clients.

Drawing on our extensive experience in successful completion of campaigns, complex projects and ongoing maintenance works, Vertech has a specialised suite of in-house integrated project management tools to support project delivery through every stage of the project management lifecycle.

  • Early engagement in project planning is crucial.
  • Clearly setting the expectations and goals enables accountability.
  • Collaboration between all stakeholders is a must.
  • Focusing on the planning phase directly contributes to productivity.
  • Engaging your frontline team and sub-contractors in the planning ensures ownership.
  • Each project comes with its own challenges, no project is ever the same.
  • Frontline leadership and strong communication is the difference between a good project and a great project.



Vertech NZ have been managing integrity services and inspection campaigns for both topsides and tanks since 2014, working closely with the relevant surveyors and providing specialist access Management inspection planning technicians to bring time and cost efficiency to the client. Through this period, we have developed remote survey techniques and are the first company in the world to attain remote survey approval from Class societies for UAV work.

Jetty Risk Based Inspection Program

Working closely with facility inspectors, Vertech NZ provide specialist access inspection capabilities that challenge traditional and often time-consuming methods to pipework, support structures and associated jetty infrastructure to deliver both condition assessments as well as undertaking in-situ coatings repairs.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Program

CUI is an inherent risk across all operating assets across both on and offshore. Our integrity engineering team, technologies and highly experienced technicians utilise a range of techniques for accessing, inspecting, assessing and determining linework conditions where cladding and insulation restricts access to substrates.

Flue-Duct Inspection and Remediation Campaign

Providing both project management support as well as inspectors, Vertech NZ worked closely with key stakeholders to deliver condition assessment reports, technical drawings and information to provide data that would ultimately drive repair planning and remediation scopes for a 15-year re-life campaign.